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bill help

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Need help desperately we had or electric shut off on Friday. Our bill is 678 we can't

Need help desperately we had or electric shut off on Friday. Our bill is 678 we can't come up with the moneybfor atleast 3weeks. My husband works his checks barely cover rent , I am disabled but haven't been aproved for benifits yet. We have 5kids all in school an I don't know how to go that long without power in the early mornings with no heat our house is complete electric.
Any help would be a blessing
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Father of 3 needs their Christmas wish fulfilled.

With all the people needing help on here makes this even harder for me. I am a father of three that was severely injured in 2006 and now rely on disability to cover rent, and bills. I'm falling apart. All the surgery's have been unsuccessful and has dismantled my way of life,and career. I have the most beautiful kids 8, and 12 girls and 13 son. There Christmas this year is doubtful. I am just thankful we have a roof over our head this year. I wish you all health and happiness and hope this struggle ends for you all.
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to get the safe return of my kids back to my house i need help with bills fast.

Well I hate the way everything happens all at once. This is my story first I have been fighting for my kids for over a year and a half trying to get them back from CPS mid way my wife found out she had a warrent and was arrested and locked up for 6 months. now she is being attacked for being in jail. Well the reason the kids was taken into cps was, when I was at work my wife had a nervise breakdown and flipped out and the cops put her in the hospital and put kids in cps. I came home from work to this and have been fighting ever sence. well the cps told me i could not do the job i was doing for they dont want my kids around my wife alone to long for what if this happens again. So my job that I was getting payed between $500 to $3500 a 4 day week is gone and now have to live off ssi checks that run about $940 for me and my wife and $100 in food stamps total and about $411 from extra money i get from college every quarter. well we are trying to recover from a move we had to do and also to get everything back on track. well we have to pay still for clothing food and diapers and pull-ups for 3 little girls ages 1,2,3. as they come to our home for visits along with all the workers and everyone else that is involved. so we have to keep our place and everything else in it going. so i ask for help in getting my rent and utilitys payed for a month so we can catch back up in this rat race to get our girls. the stress is so bad for me and for my wife she was told reason she broke down was because she was bi polar and manic depresssive. so anything you can give can help out our rent is $750 or gas is $65 and our electric is $368 after the move everything was blasted up or transfered and so we really need to get these bills payed off fast. as you see i did not say anything about the phone bill because we can live without the phone for now tell we can find a way to get the $268 to pay for it. the ones we really looking for help with are the rent and electric they are due now the gas due on the 6th of month and phone is due now but as said we can do without it tell we can get money to turn back on so please help if you can for i can say this it takes a real man to now when they can't do it alone and as for help before everything is taken away from you. I dont want to lose everything and i love my family so i ask everyone humbly for your help if you need anything just ask i will even send info if you want to pay bills directly so you know money going to right place. I'm not trying anything at all.
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Electric Bill Help

Where can I get help with electric bill?
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I need help before my electric gets shut off

Things have been so hard here lately. I had two jobs, which I need and got laid off my main employment. I can't afford my electric bill and its going to get shut off on the 16th. I really need to find help to pay this asap. I would pay it back in one month if anyone can please help me. I am unable to get a loan because i have really bad credit but i am trying to get it all cleared up. I had to live off my credit cards when I was unemployed and messed up my credit. I am trustworthy and would pay this back promptly if someone could please help me. Its getting cold, and I have a family of 5 I really cant let me electric get shut off :( The local church does not have any assistance, and i am a new customer so i cant get a extention :( My husband is really sick and cant work, we are waiting to see if he qualifies for ssi and i am trying to support us all off min. wage. I know I will find a better job, but will work it until I find something. It is due no later than nov 16th and it is for 124.32

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About lilmama29

well im on section 8 and i only receive a $66.00 utility check every month and i've been putting applications in every where and i just cant seem to get a job . and i receive other things like food stamps and health care for me and my 10 yr old daughter,and i am pipp but i just cant seem to keep my bills up and i am in need of help can any body help me please. I will greatly appreciate it.

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loopie lou  

About loopie lou

i am on here because i recently got fired and drawing unemployment and it is not enough to pay bills so if anyone can help me with my bills i would be grateful  i have a 7 and 8 year  old that need clothes and we need holiday help

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Hello, PLEASE read my story!  I am new here, and like everyone else I am in need of help!  If you go to my profile you can read the whole story!  but to make it short, I need help paying a couple utility bill's. I have got them caught up as much as I can this month thank god! so for both the bill's together I only need about 80$...but anything will help? even 20$...I am on SSI disablility & only get 695.00$ A month!  Normally I can pay my basic bill's with this, but last month my car broke down & I had to pay 730$ to get it fixed!  So you see that was my whole check and now it set me back on my bill's!  I may beable to pay my basic bill's but that's it? would if I have a Emergency like last month with my car? or I need to save money 4 another car? I need clothes, Gas money, personal items? I don't have the extra money 4 any of these thing's.  I don't know what to do but to ask if there is some kind person out there that could help me with any of this? like I said even 20$/30$ would help? PLEASE....if you came accrost this post? maybee it was 4 a reason? If you can help? please send me a message!!......Thank you ..Shae
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Save your envelope, it can be important to you

Well, as I rummaging through old paper work and I’m trying to clean up my desk. I found old letters and I forgot to tell everyone that you should save the envelope too….


What do I mean by that? When you get a letter from a creditor, a bill collector or a bill, you should attach or staple the envelope that you get your letter in. Give me a minute and I will give more detail.  


Why do that? There is so much information on the outside of the envelope that can save you time effort and energy in the long run. It will give you the time and date of when the letter was sent out. Or it can give you who sent the letter to you. It can also give you a delivery date or a time when you should have it. Lots of information can be given to you about and what it suppose to do. This can be crucial information that can help you in the long run. If it does not have a date or time, then you can argue that you don’t have a defiant when the letter was sent to you… Which in the future it’s your saver.   


One other thing you need to do is write the date that you received that letter on the envelope. By doing this you have more evidence, incase needed.


Let me explain and give you examples, let’s say that a creditor tell you that they sent you a letter in their time limit. By law(s), the creditor has a time limit to send you information. If the letter got to you 1 day before their dead line, then the creditor is in the wrong. They should have sent you that letter 1 to 2 weeks before there time limit. By holding on to the envelope you have evidence of the mistake they did.


Another example, you need to know when you got the letter. The date stamp on the outside of the letter is on the envelope. So you have that information.


Creditors, Credit collection agents, use this method all the time. That is why they can get you on when you sent in a payment or how it was delivered. If they use it, why can’t you use it to?


About 2 years ago, I argued with a creditor on a payment that I sent in. They sent me a statement on the payment and I saved the enveloped, wrote the date received and attached it to my statement. The creditor did not have a record of the payment being delivered on time. Without the envelope and the date and time stamp on it, I would not have won. That envelope saved me time, effort and energy and the creditor was at the wrong.


See, just doing simple things, can save you in more than many ways. Don’t give up on yourself. When dealing with a creditor, think like you are a business and handle it in a business manner and you will come up on top.


Good luck and keep pushing forward. You can do it.  



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In need of a blessing  

About In need of a blessing

Hello all,

 My name is LaShawn, I am writing today because I am in need of assistance to help me paying my utility bill and also anyone who can help me to obtain a vehicle so that I may get back on my feet in finding another job. I was laid off last December and have been diligently seeking employment ever since then. I live in memphis, but I have no family here or anyone to help me.   I am on my own and feel so by myself which makes it much harder for me. I have gone through the community services agency before so Im ineligible to receive assistance a second time. My utility bill is 2 months behind and Im facing disconnection, the amount is $312.00. and also, if anyone has an old working vehicle to donate or know of any agencies or places I can get a car, that would be very helpful also. Thank you all in advance. God Bless You.

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Lower Your Mortgage Interest Rate - How big of a difference does it really make?

Most of you that have a mortgage are not aware of how much dropping your interest rate can truelly save you.  I would like to share some information with you guys that shows you just how much lowering your interest rate can truely save you. To do this I am going to use a base loan amount of 150,000.00 and a starting interest rate of 6.5% and a term of 30 years.  For this senerio your mortgage payment (just your principal and interest, do not compare with taxes and insurance because those are the same where ever you go) would be 948.10.  I am going to show you how much your payment would drop by lowering your interest rate in intervals of a quarter percent.  Most people beleive that you should only refinance if you can lower your interest a full percent but this is not usually the case.

Starting Payment 948.10 

6.25% - 923.58

6.00% - 899.32

5.75% - 875.36

5.50% - 851.68

5.25% - 828.30

5.00% - 805.23

LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! The difference is huge!  If you think about savings in a hole you are saving almost 20 each time you lower your rate by a quarter of a percent, now this might now seem like a lot but....what if you multiple 20 by 360 (the number of months a normal 30 year mortgage is) that's 7,200! just for a 20 difference.

So here is the best part about refinancing.  Let's say that you started with 150,000 for your loan amount but sense you started your loan you have paid it down 10,000.00 so you owe 140,000.00 with an original interest rate of 6.5%. Now let's see how much of a payment difference each of the above interest rates makes.

6.25% - 862.00

6.00% - 839.37

5.75% - 817.00

5.50% - 751.55

5.25% - 773.08

5.00% - 751.55

So let's see if I can help this make sense.  In the first examples of payments I showed you how much lowering your interest rate by .25% could change your mortgage payments.  In the second examples I showed you how much lowering your loan amount by 10K and your interest rate by .25% each time could do.  To sum this up, you can safely estimate that for every 10K you lower your loan amount by you are saving $61.58.  With this you can make a guess as to how much you will save just by how much you've paid off your loan sense you started it.  10K - 61.58, 20K 123.16, 30K 184.74, and so on. 

So really quick, and then I'll be done, let's say that you started with 150,000 and you've paid off your loan to 140,000 and you decide to refinance and at the time you can get it to 5.5%.  You're original payment was 948.10.  Your new payment will be, roughly, 751.55 for a total savings of 196.55!  But, it's going to cost around 3,000 to do the refinance (mind you that you can add this into your total loan amount, thus not having anything out of pocket).  Does this refinance still make sense?  The answer, YES! If you figure you are saving 196.55 each payment and it's costing you 3,000 to do that; if you divide 3000 by 196.55 it equals 15.26 this means that in just under 16 months you will actually save up the 3,000 that it cost, from month 16 on up for the next 344 months you will be saving 196.55 each month for a grand total savings of........67,613.20!!!!!


This is why I love my job!  To be able to save someone that much money is amazing!

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About bonesmajor

My husband has a job putting in hard wood floors, but because of the way the economy is, no one can afford for this to be done. So, he is not working. I have applied for several jobs, with no luck. Our gas that we use to heat and cook, has been turned off. Our water has been turned off, and if we do not pay our electric bill by december 1st, it will be cut off. I am just asking if anyone knows of anywhere that could help us get through this hard time. As if is right now, we cannot eat this coming week, and food stamps are out of the questions because we have no little children.We have never asked for help before. We always have paid everything by ourselves, and we do not like asking for help, but we have no choice at this point and time.

please if anyone can direct us to some helpful information, please let us know

 thank you very much



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About swede


I have struggled as a single mother for many years and now lost my home in foreclosure, due to a severe accident 2 years ago that prevented me from working. I am rehabilitated now, but times have changed. I have rented a house and I am actively every seeking employment daily I need financial help for one month (Buy me time to get a job, within in a month) I have to succeed or return to Denmark and live family, my teenager is totally opposed to that option, he have been a A-B student so far and have a great future here in GA.

I feel like blowing my head off, due to my failure to provide housing and a chance for him to make it in life.

What do I do ? Desperation and depression is a everyday state in my mind ?

I have a degree and experience in the software field, I want to work NOW I like to work! I need help with 1) Rent 2) Gas bill 3) Power bill 4) Food for one month, I will and have to make it please someone help me and my son !

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About tabbs

Hi i am a mother or two boys one 10 and the other just born a few months ago my unemployment ran out and i have been looking for a job for a wile now and havent had any luck my rent is due in 4 days and i only have 4 bucks to my name. i have been calling churches and talking to sevral help facilities in my area and no one will help me. my light bill has a 15 day notice on it and i am really afraid for my kids and myself. i am a great worker with alot of qualifications. please someone help my rent is 1190 and my gas bill is 200. is there anyone who cares out there anymore?

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About jenniferlb

My husband is between jobs right now, he strats a new one on Monday. I'm a full time student, one semester away from graduation. We have a 14 year old and a 1 year old.We have an electric bill due friday we don't have the money for. It's 330.00. I've called the electric company and they can't work out a payment plan w/o us at least paying some of it. I've tried to get an apointment with city welfare and couldn't get through. We are located in Jacksonville, Fl. Any help is appreciated.

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disabled need

I Currently live in flagler county florida and i am out of work due to neck injury at work.I am a single dad with my 15 year old daughter living with me and i do not have enough money from disability to help .I  am running out of hope . I have sold damm near everything in my garage on ebay and trying to play my bills and jugging day to day of who is going to get a little money fpl,water,rent,food ,etc. THE DAMM REPO COMPANY TOOK MY TRUCK.they didnt want to hear any thing ,fpl shut my power off even after i payed amount and they didnot turn on until next day at 10:00 am .I am trying to get food stamps help or just help with paying bills but getting no where.IT is really bad when you go to food store and you to put back items because you do not have enough money . Is there any one outhere you can help ?Or can give me any ideas? please respond and godbless and if i can give any thing in return i will .
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Single Parent Sick and out of Work needs Help with Bills

I need help so we will not be Homeless,I have Lupus. I am out of Work. we need Rent,Lights,Water,Furniture,Food. any kind of help. we will be very Grateful. I am in Fort Mill, South Carolina, I have tried everywhere to get help. no family to help us. you can email me if you would like my Address to help us.

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Help to get on top of many bills

My family needs some assistance.  We have been given many medically heavy things in the past 10 yrs and need some help to get out from under it.

Briefly:  My husband and I have had 3 children. (been pregnant 4 times but lost one due to a late miscarriage).  My husband is a cancer survivor.  My 5 1/2 yr old son is a cancer survivor!  Various broken bones, trips to the ER for asthma, and surgeries.

Also have 1 Sear card that we would like to get rid of.

I am a stay at home mom and my husband works his tail off for our local cable company.

Upon request I can furnish a breakdown of what I want to pay off.


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Stay at home mom to 3 wonderful kids!  Nursing student, come fall 2007!!!

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